A coming of age Asian American struggles with an embarrassing secret, discovers his American roots, resolves violence with nonviolence, and finds Love.

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Script received 2nd Place Award

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There are some Martial Arts but with non violence.

A Cross between :

"There's Something about Mary"


"The 40 year old Virgin"

A Woody Allen character mixed with Jackie Chan character who falls in love with a girl, romancing her, with fight scenes very different than Jackie Chan's action Comedy.

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A humorous plea for tolerance in America:

A zany whimsical Asian American with loving hearts, hiding an embarrassing secret, where cultures clash, finds love and wins with nonviolence.

Peter Chen Writer/DirectorPeter Chen Writer/Director

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A funny Romantic Comedy feature film with action.

True love prevails when we set aside our prejudice.

A Chinese American dealing with his own problems encounters existing social discriminations, resolves violence with nonviolence, discovers his own ancestor's buried American History and finds love on the way.

People stereotype and discriminate against each other in general. This coming of age film is about adjusting to discriminations, resolving violence with non-violence, and finding love on the way. It has a uniquely funny and smart way of showing audience that nobody can win with war, only with love and peace.

Video Clips for Demo purposes only:

Soft Might
NonViolence Action
NonViolence scene
"Heated Rally" about nonviolence

White Tiger Yellow Tiger
"White Tiger Yellow Tiger"
Romantic scene
Romantic scene with Nancy
Blind date
Blind Date scene
Belly Dancer scene
Belly Dancer scene

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